Monthly Archives: April 2017

Harness the Power of the Paper Trail

If the only tangible your customers receive from you is a presentation and an invoice, you are headed for trouble. Your customers want value and their value equation is simple: Value = Your Customer’s Expectation of you + or – Your Customer’s Actual Experience when they do business with you.          … [Read More]

Your Prospect Said ‘No’…Now What? Part 3 of 3

In the last two ENS on Sales, we explored why ‘no’ is a necessary step towards ‘yes’ in your selling process, and we discussed the first five of our ten things to do after ‘no’. (If you missed those issues, contact angela@wensangela@wensmediacom  to request them). Let’s explore the remainder of those 10 steps. Step 6;  is… [Read More]

Your Client Has Said ‘No’, Now What? Part 2 of 3

10 steps to take after your prospect says ‘no’.              In last week’s ENS on Sales, we said you would probably rather endure a root canal than hear your prospect say, “We like your presentation but……” But understanding why a prospect says no is one of the most valuable steps towards… [Read More]