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One Time a Year

Whether you are a media rep or in management, we appreciate you reading ENS on Sales each week. We hope that you find the articles helpful.

From our years in management, we know this is the time of year that you start making plans for 2020. With that in mind, one time a year we take the opportunity to present to you a complete lineup of ENS Media’s products and services. This is that week.

If you’re considering any outside training, revenue-generating programs, or workshops, give me a call anytime. Of course, no obligation. We can simply visit about your situation and what you’d like to accomplish.

Here is a line-up of our products and services. Click here to read some of our testimonials.

TOMA Surveys and Seminars: These local market surveys and seminars provide your clients and prospects, along with your sales team, valuable knowledge on the power of radio combined with the new digital media. Following the seminar, Rick stays in the market and meets 1-on-1 with clients and reps. This entire program is designed to generate new annual revenue and provide your media reps with hundreds of new prospects and information on how to sell in the new media world.

SoundADvice: Our 4-part weekly E-marketing system is designed to brand your media reps and stations as the advertising “experts” in your market. This completely self-sufficient system keeps your media reps in weekly contact with clients and prospects by providing valuable bits of information on running a business. Every true marketing professional should use SoundADvice. It is market exclusive when purchased as a group, but is also offered on an individual rep basis.

Recruitment Advertising Seminars: New in 2020. These 45-minute mini-seminars (suggest 3-4 per market visit) will conquer 3 things: 1) Answer and provide a solution to your clients’ and prospects’ biggest concern… how to attract, hire, and retain “good” employees 2) Increase your sales and revenue with this proven system 3) Train your reps to sell more Recruitment Advertising in the future and further position them as true advertising experts with their prospects and clients.

Workshops and Presentations*: We create and conduct workshops that cover nearly every area of the radio sales cycle. Here are individual topics on which we do 1 or 2-hour presentations/workshops, or combined, ½ day or full-day workshops:

·      Prospecting / Cold Calling: Main Street is Shrinking

·      1st Meeting / CNA: Ask Better Questions to Get Better Answers

·      Creating Presentations/Proposals

·      How to Create Strategies and Why Strategy Wins!

·      20 Tips for Creating Better Ads

·      Customer Lifetime Value

·      Selling Radio vs Digital (How to embrace digital)

·      How to Sell Radio “MORE Better”

·      7-Criteria for Effective Advertising

·      How to Create TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness)

·      Marketing Funnel: Passive Media vs Intrusive Media

*We can and will create specific workshops to match your unique needs.

If you would like to talk, contact me and provide the best day and time to call, or, simply call me anytime at the number below.

Again, thank you for reading ENS on Sales, and thank you for allowing me to present our company.

A Different Route… to Prospecting

Prospecting is a never-ending process in sales and it’s the one step, for several reasons, that it often gets moved to the back-burner.

Here is an easy way to make prospecting part of your daily commute to and from the office… Simply take a different route!

If you are like most, the route you take to work is the same, day after day, week after week. It’s easy, you know exactly how long it will take, and unless a new business sprouts up, the view is the same.

Starting this week, dedicate yourself to finding a few different routes to or from work and take these routes once a week now through the end of the year. Travel it in both directions. You’ll see things differently.

On your new journey, you’ll potentially see a variety of things that may land you a new suspect or prospect. You’ll see businesses that you may have never heard of before. In addition, you may notice things like Grand-Openings, Going Out of Business signs, Open to the Public on Saturdays, Factory Liquidation, New Store Hours, Special Events, Help Wanted, etc.

As Robert Frost so eloquently wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”.

By taking a “different route” to the office, and to your prospecting, you may just stumble onto someone who has passion for their business, and it could make all the difference!

If you’re planning on taking a different direction to achieving success in 2020 and beyond, we would like to visit with you about our revenue-generating programs and services that will brand your stations and your media reps as “THE” advertising professionals in your market.

Contact me to arrange a time to visit.

A Second Chance

You’ve heard the expression that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. While that may be true when it comes to meeting people, it’s not necessarily the case when it comes to B2B (business to business) sales. In fact, in the B2B sales world, if you play your cards right, not only may you get a second chance, but you could get a third, fourth, fifth, and even beyond.

There is a reason that those selling vehicles, appliances, furniture, and other B2C (business to consumer) products come off a bit pushy, and by doing so, often lose the opportunity for a second chance. It’s because once the customer has made the purchase, they are out of the market for an extended period of time. It’s Risk versus Reward. They push because they know that it may be years before those customers are in the market to purchase again.

In media sales, if you make a presentation to a prospect or client today and they say no, you can always reload and present again tomorrow or in the very near future, IF…

The “IF” is… If, you play your cards right and take the “no” professionally. No pouting, no arguing, no trying to make them feel guilty or stupid because they didn’t accept your ideas or didn’t want to do business with you.

Accept the “no” politely and professionally and be ready to reply with a few well-prepared statements and questions, such as, “Mr./Mrs. Prospect, I really appreciate your time and consideration of our proposal or plan. Can I ask you a question or two? Is there a specific reason that you have decided not to move forward with this plan? If I were to re-tool this plan or go back to the drawing board, what changes, things added or subtracted, would you like to see?”

Find out what the possible reasons may be and re-think your proposal. A warning though; business owners do lie and how they respond to these questions may not necessarily be the truth. Be prepared to dig a little deeper to uncover the real reasons.

By being professional, you will always leave the door open to present again. Anything less is unacceptable. In media sales, there is always a second, third, fourth chance to make that first time sale.

A Correction and…Opportunity!

Correction: In last week’s ENS on Sales titled, “If You Don’t Offer Digital or Social, Find Someone that Does”, we errored by leaving out two important words

We stated, “The 2019 Borrell and Associates Local Advertising Survey revealed some interesting results. The survey showed that 44% of businesses use radio advertising”.  It should have read, “44% of businesses THAT ADVERTISE use radio”. We apologize for misquoting the 2019 Borrell and Associates Local Advertising Survey.

Opportunity: So, based on the Borrell and Associates Survey, where is the opportunity for radio?

If you’re an optimist and a true professional advertising rep, there are lots of opportunities!

The survey of advertisers in this study said they use, on average, 6.2 different types of advertising, and 44% said they were trying something new. Whether you offer radio-only, digital-only, or a combination of both, you can be that “something new”.

When it comes to how much money is allocated per medium, Radio ranked #3 only behind Broadcast TV and Cable TV.

With all the advertising options available today, business owners are as confused as ever. Ignoring, or worse yet bashing, digital and social media is not going to earn you the respect you want as a media rep. Be the media rep that brings solid ideas to your clients and prospects, and walks the digital talk or introduces them to someone who can. Doing what’s right even when it means placing budgets elsewhere will prove that you’re the right person to work with. Ultimately, you will garner the majority of the budget!

If you’re a pessimist and continue to do what you’re doing, 2020 could be a long and hard year!

Be an optimist, and do what’s right! What Roy H. Williams,The Wizard of Ads, says about advertising is also true when it comes to media rep and client relationships, “Win the heart, and the mind will follow”.

ENS Media works with small and medium-sized markets to help them and their media reps build stronger and more profitable relationships with their clients. If you are interested in creating a more professional sales team to handle the New Media World, contact us and let’s talk.

If you Don’t Offer Digital and Social, Find Someone Who Does

We used to say, “Control the creative and you’ll control the budget”. Times have changed and while we still place huge importance on controlling the message, today, controlling or at minimum having a say in the digital is extremely important.

But we are radio reps and not digital/social reps, right?

You don’t have to be an expert in digital and social media to be involved in the process. In fact, trying to be a jack-of-all-trades isn’t necessarily the answer, especially in the fast-paced, ever-changing, world of digital, where even the digital experts have to hustle to keep on top of the game.

The 2019 Borrell and Associates Local Advertising Survey revealed some interesting results. The survey showed that 44% of businesses that advertise use radio advertising. It also found that 61.9% purchased paid social media advertising, and 45.4% executed search engine marketing. More importantly, when they asked business owners where they planned to increase their budgets, 8 of the top 10 advertising platforms were in the digital and social arena.

It also found that 81% of businesses are buying both digital and non-digital advertising campaigns. Here’s the real kicker; of those surveyed that use radio, only 38% said their local rep offered an online component and they purchased it, and 21% said online was offered but they didn’t buy! If my math serves me correctly, this means 41% of radio reps are not presenting digital or social.

Is this a problem or an opportunity?

Instead of trying to fight to keep your share of your budget, be the media rep that invites digital and social to the table. Business owners want creative ideas, honest opinions, and suggestions. They don’t want to be pitched. Be the media rep that controls the process and has your client’s best interest at heart, and you’ll control the budget.

If you’re an expert, great, but if you’re not, find someone that is and work together as a team.

Today the slang is, “Control the digital and you’ll control the budget”. Instead, we suggest you…“Control the process and you’ll control the budget”.

At ENS Media, we help train media teams on how to use radio and digital together to create better results for your clients and more revenue for your stations.

Contact me at to visit more about how I can help you and your team.