7 Criteria for Effective Marketing

Years ago I was asked to speak to a Marketing and Advertising class at a local university. On this occasion, the professor asked me to speak on “what makes advertising work”. It was for that lecture/workshop that I created a handout for the students that I titled ”7 Criteria for Effective Advertising”.

Since then, I have used this piece hundreds of times with clients and when training reps to explain how to get a better return on their advertising investment and to build trust with prospects and clients.

Today, I am sharing the 7 criteria with you, and over the next coming weeks, we will dive into each individual criterion and discuss them on their own merit.

After reading the criteria, you may have a good idea of how you can use this piece when presenting. If not, you’ll get a better idea in the coming weeks.

My hope is that you will begin to use this in your own presentations and training.

ENS Media’s 7 Criteria for Effective Advertising

1)   Strategy: What do you want your business to be “known for”?

2)   Message/Ads: A GREAT message will get GREAT results nearly every time, regardless of the medium or station. A mediocre message will get mediocre results every time.

3)   Dominate: Wherever you are, BE there! Don’t try to reach everyone.

4)   Consistency: How often you advertise. Starting and stopping is no way to build a brand.

5)   Frequency: How much you advertise.

(Budget will determine both Consistency and Frequency)

6)   Media Rep: Find a rep that is genuinely interested in helping you and not just selling you.

7) Medium: Every advertising medium works. You must work the medium correctly.

When I finish explaining the 7 criteria to prospects and clients, I wrap it up with one powerful point that is intended to position the media rep and your stations in a very positive light. I will share that secret at the conclusion of this series of ENS on Sales.

I hope that you will join us each of the next few weeks as we discuss the merits of each criterion and how to use them to position yourself and your reps as marketing professionals.

If you would like to receive the “7 Criteria for Effective Advertising” in presentation form that you can use in training or with clients/prospects, click here and we will be happy to send it to you.

I look forward to next week as we discuss “Strategy”; what it really is and why it’s #1 on the list!