A Correction and…Opportunity!

Correction: In last week’s ENS on Sales titled, “If You Don’t Offer Digital or Social, Find Someone that Does”, we errored by leaving out two important words

We stated, “The 2019 Borrell and Associates Local Advertising Survey revealed some interesting results. The survey showed that 44% of businesses use radio advertising”.  It should have read, “44% of businesses THAT ADVERTISE use radio”. We apologize for misquoting the 2019 Borrell and Associates Local Advertising Survey.

Opportunity: So, based on the Borrell and Associates Survey, where is the opportunity for radio?

If you’re an optimist and a true professional advertising rep, there are lots of opportunities!

The survey of advertisers in this study said they use, on average, 6.2 different types of advertising, and 44% said they were trying something new. Whether you offer radio-only, digital-only, or a combination of both, you can be that “something new”.

When it comes to how much money is allocated per medium, Radio ranked #3 only behind Broadcast TV and Cable TV.

With all the advertising options available today, business owners are as confused as ever. Ignoring, or worse yet bashing, digital and social media is not going to earn you the respect you want as a media rep. Be the media rep that brings solid ideas to your clients and prospects, and walks the digital talk or introduces them to someone who can. Doing what’s right even when it means placing budgets elsewhere will prove that you’re the right person to work with. Ultimately, you will garner the majority of the budget!

If you’re a pessimist and continue to do what you’re doing, 2020 could be a long and hard year!

Be an optimist, and do what’s right! What Roy H. Williams,The Wizard of Ads, says about advertising is also true when it comes to media rep and client relationships, “Win the heart, and the mind will follow”.

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