Can You HELP Me?

We’ve all been there before. You’re out prospecting, walk into a business and there sits the “Office Gatekeeper”. Your job is to find out who the decision maker is and if possible, meet them! Part of the Gatekeeper’s job description is to “protect” the decision maker.

Let the game begin!

You have three strategic alternatives to getting past these sales preventers:

1.) Go around them.

2.) Wait until they die or leave the company.

3.) Win them over.

In reality, option three, winning them over, is your only viable option. The process of winning over the Gatekeeper begins with respect.

Before you even introduce yourself, say these words…“I’m hopeful that you can help me”, then pause … and wait for them to reply. Once they commit to helping, you’re halfway there. See, people love to help other people, and if you ask for their help, chances are they will do what they can.

The Gatekeeper can actually be a great supporter of you. Depending upon how well you treat them, they can play a major factor in determining if you get to see the decision maker. They can also answer many questions for you, and you are more apt to get an answer if you ask for their help.

Show them respect, ask their opinion, and above all ask … “Can you help me?”

…and on your way out, ALWAYS say to the Gatekeeper, “Thank You for your HELP”!