Capture Their Attention

In preparation for your next presentation, here are two simple tips that can dramatically help capture your prospect’s attention and put them in the right frame of mind.

The first is, just prior to starting your presentation, begin with these words, “Mr./Mrs. Prospect, in preparation for this meeting we have put a great deal of effort into coming up with the recommendations we are about to make. We …” (Explain everything you did, i.e. brainstorm(s), research, reading, writing, visited their competitors, etc.)

 In Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence, he refers to Principle #1 as “Reciprocity”. People tend to want to repay others for what they have done for them. While explaining your efforts won’t seal the deal, it will show the prospect the amount of time, effort, and energy you put into this for him/her, and psychological reciprocity suggests they will want to return the favor.

The second tip has to do with the headline of your presentation. Most radio sales proposals or presentations begin something like this, An Advertising Proposal for (client name) prepared by (media rep’s name); plain and simple, nothing fancy, except for maybe the business’ logo and your station logos.

It’s boring! There’s nothing that states what’s in it for them!

Instead, make a statement upfront that will put your client in the right frame of mind. You already know the power of good headlines or benefit statements, and if you have done your homework, you should know exactly what the prospect wants to accomplish. You have already explained the effort you have put into preparing this plan, now tell them immediately what you are about to present and what it is intended to do for their business. For example:

An Advertising Proposal for

(Business Name / Logo)

Designed to (say exactly what the plan/program is designed to do), i.e.

Designed to Increase after-hour Emergency Room Visits

Strategically Designed to Increase Traffic and Sales in the Bedding Department

Designed to Increase Traffic to your Website and Increase Online Sales

Exclusively Designed to Increase Happy Hour Traffic on Wednesday, Thursdays & Fridays

Again, this won’t seal the deal, but you will have grabbed their attention with a statement about them.

In preparation for this article, I read five different articles, re-read part of Dr. Cialdini’s book, The Psychology of Persuasion, and dug into some of my old notes.

Good Luck with YOUR next presentation!