Do You Mind If I Take Notes?

It seems like a silly little question, and in some ways it is. But it can also have a profound impact, and just might be so obvious that it catches them off guard and captures their attention. When you’re calling on a new business and about to start your “CNA” meeting, just as you are taking out your note pad or computer, ask the person, “Do you mind if I take notes?”

Their answer, of course, will always be, “Yes”, or “I don’t mind at all”. While it seems obvious that you would take notes, it’s the subliminal message you send that has impact. It tells the prospect you are engaged, ready to listen, serious about what you do, and that you are focused. This is also a good point to assure them, or reassure them, that everything you discuss is confidential.

Throughout the questions and answers, if you miss something, don’t be afraid to ask, “Can you repeat that?” or “Did I hear you correctly”? Then restate what you thought they said. Again, this little sign of being really engaged can often give them the confidence that you are really there to help them, and that you are a professional.

You’ve heard the expression, “little things mean a lot”. When you’re asking business owners to spend their hard-earned dollars with you, it’s more than just an expression. The “little things” are often what determines whether they trust you enough to say “yes” to your recommendations. After all, what they are really saying “yes” to … is YOU!

Do you mind if I take notes?