#3, #4, & #5 in the 7 Criteria to Effective Advertising

This is the 3rd installment in the 7 Criteria to Effective Advertising series.  Click here to read the original issue. To read Criteria #1, “Strategy” and Criteria #2, “The Message”, feel free to go to our website at

The reason we are including these three criteria together is they all have to do with budgets and scheduling.

Criteria #3 “Dominate” – In other words, wherever you are advertising – Be There! As Roy Williams suggests, “It’s better to reach 100 people 10 times than it is to reach 1000 people 1 time”.

All too often business owners want to run too few ads on several stations, thinking they are reaching more people. The truth is, they may reach more people, but they won’t affect anyone. This holds true especially in direct response or event-driven advertising.

Criteria #4 “Consistency” – This represents how many weeks per month and months per year you are advertising to the same audience. Starting and stopping a campaign is no way to build a brand.

You have probably heard a business owner or two, or twenty, say, “I have been on this station for 3 months now. I think I should try and reach another audience.” No! No! No! If they only talk to an audience for a limited time and then stop, the majority of that audience will have forgotten about the advertiser long before they will need the client’s product or service.

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is starting and stopping.  It’s also a HUGE waste of money! Talk to them about the importance of being consistent!

Criteria #5 “Frequency” -This speaks to how many ads you run per day, per week or per month.

You might also refer to this as “Share of Voice”. If you’re talking to an automotive dealer and they want to run three ads per day, in most markets it won’t be enough frequency. In fact, they might only be whispering. You must have enough frequency to penetrate the minds and hearts of your listeners. However, if you are a roofing company, or a less advertised category, 3 ads per day or 20 ads per week might be like shouting from a mountain top!

The key is having enough ads per week to make an impact in your category!  Both Consistency and Frequency are determined by your client’s budget.

Next week we will discuss why “Media Rep” and “Medium” are at the bottom of the list!  Until then…