Our local TOMA Surveys prove what you already know….Radio Works!

  • Are your sales executives finding it more difficult to capture new business appointments?
  • Do you need a strategic system to capture new high-quality leads?
  • Are your prospects claiming great results from digital?
  • Are local advertisers in your market questioning radio’s continuing relevance?
  • Do you need more new business in 2019 and beyond?
  • Do your salespeople need a tried and proven system of developing more 52-week business?

Finish 2019 off with a BANG and get a GREAT head start on 2020!

While the digital media world seems to receive all the limelight today, ENS Media’s TOMA Surveys are helping broadcasters across North America to capture increased local advertising revenues.

The front half of our 2019 seminars is filled but we still have room for 4 or 5 more local market TOMA Surveys and Seminars in the last half of 2019 (mid-August through early November). As a special offer to the first five ENS on Sales subscribers who take advantage, we will start your entire sales team immediately on our SoundADvice program FREE for the first three months. We can then launch your TOMA Survey this summer and conduct your Advertiser Seminar this fall so your team can finish out 2019 strong and have a huge head start on 2020. No payments required until after July 1st.

Contact or call 605-310-2062 to arrange an online overview of TOMA for your market.

Here are 4 of the Top 12 Things Your TOMA Survey Can Tell You…

1. Your surveys will always prove that the best way to ensure consumers click on a business when they search online is to create a pre-need awareness and preference for the business with intrusive broadcast advertising.

2. It’s much more powerful to make an appointment to talk about your prospects’ ratings, and their competitors’ ratings, than trying to get an appointment to talk about your ratings.

3. The most important findings will be uncovering “open” categories. Categories with no strong Share-of-Mind leader are very easy, and very inexpensive, for new radio advertisers to capture the dominant Share-of-Mind and Share-of-Market.

4. Your survey will also prove that the only SURE way to be found online is when prospects search for a business by name because many businesses have fierce online SEO competition for first-page positioning if consumers search the category generically.

If you’d like to read all 12 Things Your TOMA Surveys Can Tell You, click here.

ENS Media’s TOMA selling system will help you sell more in 2019 and beyond. To arrange an online overview of what TOMA Research and Training can do for you, contact or call 605-310-2062.