#2 in the 7 Criteria for Successful Advertising

Again, as a reminder, this week’s ENS on Sales is part of a series of articles started two weeks ago. The original article was titled, “7 Criteria for Effective Marketing”. In the next few weeks, we will be discussing each of the seven criteria. To catch up, click here to read the original issue, and to read last week’s issue “Strategy Criteria #1”, click here.

To start, let’s be upfront about one thing, and that is… No one, and I mean no one, (other than media people), intentionally listen to your radio or TV station(s) for the ads.

I know that statement will offend a few but as I often say, sometimes the truth hurts. The fact is, when the commercial breaks come on, listeners don’t lean forward, and they never turn up the volume. There is only one time a year people intentionally want to hear and see ads. You got it, during the Super Bowl.

The key to successful advertising is getting people to hear and absorb the ads, whether they are intentionally listening or not. The only way to do this is to write and create better ads. Better Ads = Better Results!

Some might suggest that “Message”, the #2 criteria, is more important than the #1 criteria, “Strategy”! To be honest, you won’t get much push back from me. The main reason strategy is #1 is because strategy, communicated in a great message, is better than a great message that doesn’t communicate the strategy!

Strategy is also #1 because if you understand strategy and you can help create strategy, it will position you as a far more knowledgeable media rep.

After all, this is what our “7 Criteria for Successful Advertising” form is all about. Ultimately, it’s something you can share with your prospects and clients, and by doing so, it will help position yourself as a “media expert”.

How to create great ads or great message is a subject of its own and one we will discuss in future issues.

Today, we simply want you to understand that when you’re visiting with your prospects and clients, the topic of “the Message” should be a primary focus. Get them to understand that the message, or great ads that are produced well, will get your clients great results, nearly every time.

Next week, Criteria #3 “Dominate”.