Q1 is in the Books – It’s Time to Evaluate

Q1 is in the books and regardless of how it went for your individual reps or your team, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it now. It is, what it is!

If you met or surpassed your goals, look back and see what was done to make it a great first quarter, take advantage of the synergies, celebrate the victory, and then … get back to work!

If it was less than expected, it’s time to analyze and figure out where and why they came up short. Was it that they didn’t prospect enough, make enough presentations, or maybe they didn’t approach renewals in the right manner and lost some.

I suggest having your reps write down what was “out of their control” and what was “in their control”. By doing this, if they are honest, they will see their own shortcomings and know exactly what they need to do to get better. They will also see that in some cases there is absolutely nothing they could have done differently, but in the future, they need to prepare for this. Prospecting!

If they are not honest and blame it all on something or someone else, you have a whole different fish to fry.

Together, plan how they can improve in the areas they are lacking …and then get back to work!

The end of each quarter is a checkpoint. Take advantage of this opportunity to evaluate each individual rep and the team as a whole …and Good Luck in Q2!