Sales and Coupons

This morning I saw a trade article headline that read ‘Sales and Coupons Most Influential in Driving Consumers to Shop.’

I’m fed up with number crunchers and the pursuit of instant gratification. And frankly, I’m also fed up with amateur radio reps taking the easy route of cutting rates and selling short-term packages.

Radio’s strength is in building brands. And radio’s future lies in our ability to sell the power of Top-of-Mind awareness and branding.

Let’s dig deeper into the ‘Sales and Coupons’ headline.

The author of that article referenced a consumer survey where respondents said they were driven by sales and coupons….price cutting.

Can you imagine a survey where participants would say ‘I don’t care about discounts, I want to pay as much as I possibly can.”  Roy Williams has made a successful career out of learning why people do the things they do.

Roy asserts that often we don’t really know why we do the things we do.

We’ll often default to the price motive, without understanding the role branding played in our purchase decisions.

If Coca-Cola offered a 10% off coupon while an unheard of ‘A.B.C. Cola’ offered the same 10% off, which do you think would receive the most coupon redemptions?

One of the early pioneers in retail branding, Morris Saffer said, “It doesn’t take a genius to increase your sales. Simply cut your prices in half and you’ll line customers up around the block. The genius” said Saffer, ” is in increasing sales at a profit.”

Do your salespeople know how to sell the power of branding with radio in the marketing funnel to create top of mind awareness and in creating a brand preference for your advertisers?

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