Stand Up and Fight for Your Retail Clients

If you ask nearly any retail business owner today who one of their biggest competitors is, you are likely to hear them say, Amazon!

While that may not be true for all retailers, the fact is Amazon’s cut into the retail pie has hurt many local retail business owners and ultimately hurt many local towns, communities, and cities.

Are you ready to stand up for your clients and your local business communities? If so, here is your opportunity!

Monday and Tuesday, July 15th & 16th, are Amazon’s “Prime Day”. Yes, it is two days this year and no, they are not calling it “Prime Days”. They are keeping it singular but are trying to take twice as much money… from your local clients!

Your clients would like to fight back by saying, “Don’t buy from an out-of-town, out-of-state, online e-commerce company”, but they can’t; that would be whining on their part. But YOU can do it for them!

If you are part of a media company and have input on how your inventory is used, I am suggesting that you run some ads, let me rephrase that, not SOME ads but a LOT of ads, suggesting to your listeners that they don’t participate in “Prime Day”. I can assure you, the local business owners will love you for doing it!

We have made it easy for you. I have written a radio script titled, “Amazon Prime Day – Shop Local ALWAYS”. This ad is similar to the “Small Business Friday” and “Buy Local” Christmas ads that over 70 markets requested this past November.

If you would like to stand up and fight for your retail clients and your communities, click here to request a FREE copy of this script.

(Out of loyalty and respect, this script will not be made available to markets where ENS Media currently has clients.)