They “Indeed” Get It!

If you missed it, Radio INK’s Radio Headlines reported that the mammoth online job site Indeed was radio’s largest advertiser for the week of August 5th.

Why does Indeed have so much faith in radio? I will suggest it’s for two reasons: 1) because it works and 2) because they have to. They have to? I’ll explain later.

Gallup, along with other polling companies, suggests that somewhere between 50-71% of the population would consider a new job if one was presented to them, and between 40-50% are actively searching for a new job or career.

Regardless of what part of the country you live in, if you ask a business owner today what the biggest challenge of running a business is, they will tell you, “finding good employees”.

Finding applicants isn’t necessarily the problem but finding “good applicants” can be! 10-plus years ago, this wasn’t the case. If you needed to add an employee, you simply ran a help-wanted ad in the classifieds and BOOM, you had more than enough qualified candidates. That quickly changed. Today, the classifieds are a ghost-town.

The current “go-to” source for employment is online job posting websites likeIndeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and many others.

Do they work? They certainly work better than the classifieds. The problem with job boards is that they primarily reach people that are actively looking. They are the “job hoppers”, and one can assume not as desirable of a candidate.

Radio has several strengths when it comes to recruitment. One is that it reaches the “passive job seeker”, the person not actively looking but would consider a different opportunity if presented with one. Another is that radio reaches their “center of influence”; the husband, wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, or co-worker that knows they are potentially looking for a different opportunity.

So why does Indeed “have to use radio”? “Have to” is probably too strong of a statement, but they need to in order to reach the more attractive “passive job seeker”.

There are several key elements to selling and creating successful recruitment advertising. The most important is that the ads must be compelling; they CANNOT sound like a typical help-wanted ad. If you would like to know all 4 Elements to Effective Recruitment Advertising, and, the one question that your sales team should be asking every client, email me

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