Useless Words

Proper Grammar is Out When it Comes to Copywriting

“Joe’s Shoe Shop – Located at the corner of 10th and Main in Downtown River City”.

This sentence has a total of 15 words, 6 of which are useless and not needed. It should read, “Joe’s Shoe Shop, 10th and Main, Downtown River City”.

 The words “located at the corner of” and “in” have no bearing on the message you are trying to get across. The only reason we write them into a script is that we assume we should use proper grammar while writing radio ads.

 When it comes to writing ads for radio, using proper grammar can, and often times will make the ads too “wordy”. Taking the connecting words out, and instead using a pregnant pause, will have a more dramatic effect and will grab the listeners’ attention.

 It’s the biggest dress sale of the season, you will find hundreds of dresses inall sizes and colors at drastically reduced prices. The sale ends this Saturday,so hurry in today while the selection is at its best”.

 ”The biggest dress sale of the season… find hundreds of dresses – all sizes and colors – drastically reduced prices! Sale ends Saturday – hurry in today while the selection is best”.

 In this example, it’s 10 words less than the original, and that’s only two sentences. If you do this with three or four of the sentences of a typical 30-second ad, you could find an additional 10 to 20 words that can be used to say something more profound to grab someone’s attention.

 Keep in mind, it’s always easier to fix an ad than it is to write one from scratch. I encourage you to look at your future scripts and eliminate the “useless words”. You’ll ultimately come up with better ads!

 If you would like me to constructively critique a script or two for you, just send it to me and I will give you my thoughts.