You Can Learn a Lot from Super Bowl Ads

There is only one time a year that people intentionally want to see or hear ads, and actually enjoy doing so. It’s coming up this weekend, Super Bowl LIII. In some ways, the ads have become nearly as exciting as the game.

Why is there so much interest in the “Super Bowl Ads”? Because they’re GOOD, some are even GREAT! They tell stories, make you laugh and touch your emotions!

The price of a 30-second ad this year is reported to be $5.3 million, and that doesn’t include the cost to produce the ad. You’ll also notice that nearly half of the ads aired will be 60-second ads. There is a reason for that.

Super Bowl ads typically have two things in common: 1) They tell a story and 2) They are different, in a good way. They will capture the hearts and minds of consumers. They aren’t about price and items, or about special deals or offers. Super Bowl ads are nearly always branding ads; ads that are designed to touch their prospective customers’ hearts and heads with emotions, all with the goal of making them feel good about purchasing and using their products.

In our “Eight Lessons Learned from Super Bowl Ads”, lesson number one is, “Don’t be afraid to be Edgy”. Advertising expert Roy Williams says, “In marketing, you must choose between shouting, boredom, and seduction. Which do you want?” Roy goes on to suggest, “The risk of insult is the price of clarity”.

This Sunday, enjoy the game with family and friends but make sure you’re within earshot during the commercial breaks. We just might learn something!

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