You’re a Genius, but Wait to Prove It

Here’s a scenario. You’re in a meeting with a potential client, and like magic, you come up with a “BIG IDEA” that you know is the answer to helping the client make a ton of money, no less yourself. In your enthusiasm to show the client how smart you are as a marketing and advertising professional, you blurt out your “BIG IDEA”!

You’re a genius, right? Wrong!

If you do have a good idea, as in this situation, and you throw it out spontaneously, the chances of it being excepted are greatly diminished.  There’s a much better time to reveal you’re a real genius. It’s when you make your presentation!

Ask yourself this question. Do you think your client would put more value on a great idea that someone came up with on the fly, or one that took a week or two to come up with after much consideration and brainstorming? The client will think, “Wow, they really put some time and thought into this idea!”

Instead of blurting out your “BIG IDEA” during the first meeting, say something like, “I think I may have some good ideas, but I want to do some additional research and give some extra thought to these ideas before deciding and making our recommendations”.

While most good ideas take time to develop, we also know that occasionally we get lucky and come up with that GREAT idea on the spot.

It’ll take discipline, bite your lip, but whatever you do, WAIT, and don’t give away that “BIG IDEA” so quickly!