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CRMP+ Online Training Course

With the demise of the Radio Marketing Bureau in Canada, our team at ENS Media began to develop an advanced training program for Canadian Radio Marketing Professionals that would be:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Flexible in terms of access and timing
  3. Reduce the burden of training on sales managers
  4. Allow each sales manager to put their philosophy into each learned concept.



  1. This hybrid course gives you the basic RAB classes PLUS advanced Canadian companion modules. 
  2. Manager's manual gives the opportunity to add local selling culture and market situations into the training mix.
  3. This is the only course that goes beyond theory with actual ‘take it to the street’ applications, allowing you to track an actual return on your investment.
    Where most training courses verify comprehension through a short quiz or online test, ENS Media Inc. has taken a different route - an application exercise is given at the end of each class where participants must apply their new-found knowledge in practical, everyday ways.  By the end of the course, your account executives will have made presentations to 4 new clients and, if they have applied these advanced concepts, will close at least one of those new accounts.

Managers will actually be able to measure a direct return in their training investment. 

Get the proven sales techniques from the Radio Advertising Bureau, and allow your team access to the most competitive sales training program in the Canadian market.  ENS Media Inc. is always working to bring our advertisers and media companies together – join us in the next step to producing more qualified Radio Marketing Professionals for your radio station. 


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